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Poo Whatsapp Huawei Sticker

TenStickers. Poo Whatsapp Huawei Sticker. Add some poo to your phone with this hilariously cool phone sticker - Tailor made for the amazing Huawei! +10,000 satisfied customers.

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Poo is a very divisive topic. Some people love it; others hate it. Well, whichever side of the fence you fall on, this Huawei Sticker will certainly add an entertaining and unique touch to your phone! This emoji sticker depicts a poo emoji with sunglasses on - What could be cooler than that!

Available in a variety of sizes. Like all of our decals, it is easy to apply and extremely long-lasting. Made using bubble-proof vinyl and leaves no damage or residue upon removal.

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Reference: A15346

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