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Personalised vinyl rugs

Are you bored of all the rooms looking the same? Do you see similar designs in all stores? You came to the right place! Our amazing team will help you to create a personalised vinyl rug just for you, just the way you want it! Are you thinking of flowers? Or maybe tigers? Or maybe a crazy mixture of your favourite holiday pictures? Do not worry, we will create it for you! Our custom vinyl rug will allow you to use your imagination as much as you want and will easily decorate the floor of your home! It does not only look good, it is also practical and comfortable.

We will give you endless possibilities to create your own personalised vinyl mat!

Personalised vinyl rugs can be challenging to design if you have not done it before. We are lucky enough to have an amazing team working together to make the process easy for you and to make your dreams come true. It does not matter if you have a full project in your head, or only know a few details, or if you need suggestions about the sizes, we are here to help you. Customable vinyl rug can be just whatever you feel like! Are you thinking about a circular shape? Or a square? Or maybe an apple shape? We will make everything possible. Custom vinyl rugs mean endless opportunities to transform your ideas into actions and decorate your home, the way you always wanted!

We can assure you, that our custom vinyl flooring is just as good as the rest of our products. Proudly and confident, we can say we use the best quality materials available on the market and the best technology and machinery there possibly is. Personalised vinyl flooring is beautiful, comfortable and practical. We have it all! It will protect your original floor from damaging and also give your feet a comfortable support. Personalised vinyl mats are made with anti-allergy and anti-slip materials, which makes them just perfect to be used anywhere in the house!

In case your personalised vinyl rug will get dirty, just use a wet wipe to clean the dirt and be happy with it for a very long time! Get in touch with us if you have any questions, we will gladly help! We offer home delivery with all our orders, so do not waste your time and contact us to create your own custom vinyl rug!
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The minimum measures for this product are of 0.8 in x 0.8 in

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Height / Vertical (in.) - Proportional

Need help?

If you have any doubt about carrying out your order or your design needs some specific alterations contact with us. We will advice you or send you a personal quote regarding any alterations you may require.

Contact with us at

Important Notes

1) Send us the original in the highest resolution possible, preferably a vector image file (EPS, AI, PDF, SVG...)

2) If we see that your design is not in high definition we will contact you to offer alternative solutions.

3) If your design requires extra work due to the complexity this could increase the cost.

4) If you cannot upload your image (large file, unsupported format…) send it to us via email at

5) Convert word documents (.doc) to pdf format

6) The rug's finish is always matte.

7) It is important to bear in mind that the silhouettes of the rugs should always be as solid as possible, preferably geometric shapes such as squares, ellipses, etc.

8) The measurements will be calculated in proportion to the entire design you upload, so be careful if your image has white margins around it. We strongly recommend you get rid of these margins. When we produce your vinyl rug, we will base our designs on the desired width and make the height proportional.

9) Finally, if you decide you would no longer like to proceed with your order and we have not started production, we will refund your money quickly. Contact us!