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Who are we

Tenstickers started from the entrepreneurial spirit of some professionals from the decoration industry and e-commerce. Our goal is to boost the decoration sector and eliminate the intermediates, giving the customers an opportunity to be in direct contact with the producers. We do this by making ourselves more available to the customer which allows us to offer lower prices to our customers directly.

Our group of talented designers are constantly creating new and trendy designs which will give an exceptional touch and feel to your home, car and favourite objects.

To be able to produce each of our products, at a high standard of quality and sustainability, we use the latest technology for cutting and printing to create our stickers. We also use the highest quality of vinyl material.

Our daily objective at Tenstickers is to satisfy each and every need of our customers regarding decoration and customising their surroundings.

Who are we

Three reasons why you should buy a sticker from us

1- Wall decals are easy to apply. A sample for you to practice with is also included with all orders.

No need to worry, there will be no air bubbles. All products from Tenstickers are made with an easy adhesive for easy application.
If you still feel unsure because it is your first time applying a sticker, don’t worry because all our orders come with a small piece of white vinyl for you to practice with.

2- Cropped Images

Forget about white stickers with your picture stuck right on top of it. Tenstickers delivers vinyl decorations properly trimmed on all sides for it to compliment any wall color.
Check it out at kids stickers, teenager stickers, room stickers, etc.

3- Wall decals without reflection but with high intensity color.

We use special glossy stickers that do not reflect the lighting in your homes. We also offer vivid colors that will accentuate the decor of your home.
Take a look at our product range of stickers. We offer a variety, from photomural, kids stickers and all kinds of vinyl stickers.

Tenstickers has quality stickers at low prices!