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Personalised Colour Trackpad Laptop Sticker

TenStickers. Personalised Colour Trackpad Sticker. Bring a more personal touch to your laptop with this amazing personalised colour laptop sticker. Choose from over 50 different colours!

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It's time for you to turn your boring old laptop into something really special and personal with this amazing colour touchpad laptop sticker. Now you can finally bring a personal touch to your personal computer with this amazing product that can be customised with a choice of over fifty different colours from our range. You'll be delighted to know that our awesome colour trackpad sticker isn’t going to prevent your trackpad from working and will continue to be functional with this amazing product on top of it. Apply this sticker with ease, with no fear of bubbles, wrinkles or rips.


Information about Personalised Colour Trackpad Sticker

Reference: A15796

Themes of the sticker:
Plain Colored Sheet Stickers
Vinyl Sheets

Ideal surface:
Laptop Decals

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