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Food Waste Bin Sticker

TenStickers. Food Waste Bin Adhesive Sticker. This Food Waste Bin Sticker is perfect for recycling your food waste. Our wheelie bin stickers always label and allow your bin to be identified.

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This Food Waste Bin sticker is perfect for recycling your food waste. Our wheelie bin recycling stickers always label well and allow your bin to be easily identified, this one featuring pictures of both an eaten apple and fish. The apple and fish sticker is best for bins at your home or at work  Many families tend to use wheelie bin stickers outside their house to avoid any confusion between bins. Seeing this eco-friendly sticker on your bin will make you feel proud that you are protecting the environment. Recycling bin stickers will encourage family, friends, neighbours or staff at work  to become more green like you. 


Information about Food Waste Bin Adhesive Sticker

Reference: A12948

Style of sticker:
Vinyl Sticker Sets


Age appropriate:
All Ages