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Personalized Stickers
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+5.300 unique Wall Decals
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Oriental Wall Decals

A beautiful collection of decals inspired by oriental places of the far east. Decorate your home with these exotic designs to create a special atmosphere in your home. 

Elegant oriental decals that can bring a feeling of Zen and relaxation to your rooms. Designs include oriental texts in ornate fonts, and also beautiful illustrations of oriental elements such Japanese Koi fish and oriental plants and flowers

Get the look that you want in your home with these easy to apply wall decals that are available in a range of colours and sizes. 

Japan in Japanese Text Sticker

Chinese Love Symbol

Good Luck Chinese Symbol

Chinese Text Luck Wall Sticker

Chinese Faith Hope Love Sticker

'Family' In Chinese Sticker

Indian Lotus Flower Sticker

Ornamental Circle Mandala Wall Sticker

Japanese Blossoming Tree Wall Sticker

Tathagata Buddha Wall Sticker

Energy Sticker in Chinese
Today 10% Disc

Bamboo Leaves Sticker
Today 10% Disc

Asian Floral Ornament Decal

Floral Ying and Yang Sticker

Chinese Year of the Monkey

Year of the Monkey Sticker

Three Elephants Wall Sticker

Manipura Chakra Decorative Sticker

Visuddha Chakra Decorative Decal

Chakra Ajna Decorative Decal

Chakra Muladhara Decorative Sticker

Anahata Chakrea Decorative Sticker

Svadhishthana Chakra Decorative Decal

Peace Sticker in Chinese
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