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Height Chart Wall Decals

Height chart wall decals. Original designs to measure the growth of your children. Ideal for decorating the nursery, bedroom or other areas designed for children

Let your children keep track of their ever increasing height with these fun height chart wall decals. A range of designs that include animals, trees, monsters and even aliens! Find the decal that will fit in perfectly with the rest of the decor of your room

Practical and interactive wall decals that will last until your children are taller than you! Ideal for adding something unique and personal to children's bedrooms.

Lamp Post Height Chart Sticker

Footstep Height Chart Kids Sticker

Giraffe Height Chart Kids Sticker

Ladder to the Moon Height Chart Decal

Wildlife Height Measurement Sticker

Measuring Tape Child Wall Sticker

3D Cubes Height Chart Sticker

Measuring Tool Wall Sticker

Frog Height Chart Wall Sticker

Big Cat Height Chart

Stars Height Chart Sticker

Kids Blue Dog Height Chart Sticker

Animals Height Chart Wall Sticker

Child Flower Height Measurement Wall Sticker
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Elephant Height Chart Children's Sticker

Original Measuring Tape Kids Sticker

Yellow Giraffe Height Chart Kids Sticker

Skyscraper Height Chart  Decal

Child Cactus Height Measurement Wall Sticker
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Bubbled Height Chart Wall Sticker

Hexagon Height Chart Decal

Tower Animals Height Chart Decal

Kids Pink Cat Height Chart Sticker

Crane Measuring Height Wall Stikker

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