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Extreme Sport Decals

Collection of extreme sports decals. A range of adventurous sports such as rock climbing, rafting, bungee jumping and many more. Ideal for adrenalin-junkies. 

Are you a daring and thrill seeking person? Do you love to try adventurous new sports? If so then you are sure to find something that you will love in this selection of extreme sports designs. 

Ideal for decorating your own personal spaces such as your bedroom, or even placing on your accessories. Businesses can also place these decals on their walls to create a more aesthetic look. 

Rock Climbing Wall Sticker
Discount of 5%

Skatelon Decorative Wall Sticker

No Hate Skateboard Sticker

Peace, Love & Dive Monochrome Sticker

Skater Monochrome Wall Sticker
Discount of 5%

Skater Wall Sticker
Discount of 5%

Colourful Skateboards Sticker

I Love Skate Wall Sticker

Eat Sleep Karate Wall Sticker

Evolution to Snowboarder Wall Sticker

Karate Evolution Karate

Karate Warrior Sticker

Skateboard Decorative Logo Decal

Acrobatic Parkour Sticker
Discount of 5%

Parkour Jump Sticker

Snowboard Silhouette Sticker
Discount of 5%

Customisable Dojo Sticker

Scuba Diver Silhouette Sticker

Skater Silhouette Sign Sticker
Discount of 5%

Wind Surfer Silhouette Sticker

Boxer Silhouette Wall Sticker
Discount of 5%

Boxing Gloves Wall Decal

Skater Skull and Crossbones Wall Sticker

Mountain Climber Silhouette Sticker
Discount of 5%

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